Conditioning Carnations for quick use!

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Here at You Do Flowers, we talk a lot about conditioning flowers. And I realized as I was writing the other day, that if you are new to flowers, you’re probably thinking to yourself ¬†“what the heck is she talking about?!?” Well, I’m sorry for the oversight–I’m new to the blogging game, and a mistake or two were bound to happen eventually! ūüôā

I’m going to write a¬†lot more about conditioning flowers, and how it extends the life of your blooms, but for today, I’ll show you my favorite tip about how to¬†work with¬†carnations. Carnations come wrapped in plastic and rubberbands, and usually wait to get taken home in a cold floral refrigerator at the wholesaler. This keeps the buds closed, waiting to be released from their wrappings by the purchaser.

The carnations I purchased were no different and they were closed tight. A¬†soak in warm water had not opened them fully. My client needed her wreath completed in only a day or two (read more about that adventure soon) and I needed the flowers to open. The carnations are the centerpiece to the wreath, and if they weren’t opening, their ability to be the statement flowers would alter the aesthetic of the cut flower wreath.

Fortunately , I¬†had a time tested trick up my sleeve¬†for how to open tightly closed carnations and now I’m going to share that trick with you!

Step One

Hold the carnation at the base of the bloom and squeeze the bud base.


Step Two

Gently pull down the green leaves of the carnation bud base to allow the bloom to expand.


Step Three

From the top of the bloom, use your fingers to gently allow the carnation bloom to open more.


Step Four

Voila, a fully opened carnation! (compared to an untouched carnation)


Try it yourself and let me know how it goes! Did you snap a quick before/after picture like we did? Share it, I’d love to see your efforts at work!

jbryanConditioning Carnations for quick use!
  • nurseheather30

    Thanks so much for this! It worked beautifully!

  • Excellent news! I am a big fan of simple steps to a good result!