Prom Time is here! — Make your own Boutonniere!

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Prom season is here, or if you have a high-schooler in your life, it’s usually said more like “PROM SEASON IS HERE!!!!!” and flowers are a big part of the party.

A lot of effort goes into making these nights special, and it can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly. Here is a quick way to save some of that hard-earned babysitting money, and make your date’s boutonniere yourself (or have someone else help you with it).



You will be amazed at how easy it is, how inexpensive (usually a TOTAL of $3-5) and how creative you can be. When you make it yourself, you can also ensure that it matches your dress perfectly! 😉 Pause…cue the eye roll.

Let’s be honest here… it would not be fair to write this without admitting that initially my daughter was appalled when I first offered to make her boutonniere for her date, instead of paying big bucks for it at the florist shop.

She thought I was trying to embarrass her… oh teenagers.  But, once I showed her what I was talking about, and how nice they can be, she came around. Smart girl!

It’s been a while since her last prom (I won’t embarrass her by saying just how long!) but last night, she and I tackled boutonnieres again! It was sort of a refresher boutonniere course for the Big Event that’ll take place later this summer (Kath, I’m looking at you!).  Take a look at what she and I came up with after spending only a few bucks for all of the boutonnieres shown!




  • Green floral tape
  • Wire
  • Floral Pin
  • Rose (optional)
  • Filler Flowers
  • Ribbon
Step One

Select the focal point of the boutonniere, and figure out what you want it to look like. First, we used some unusual Gerber daisies (another Trader Joe’s find), and some Hosta leaves from the garden.



Step Two

Lay out your supplies all in one place, and begin by cutting your flower leaving a very short stem (an inch or less).



Step Three

Cut a 6-8” length of 22-26 gauge wire, making sure to cut the ends at an angle. You want the ends to be sharp enough to go through the stem, and the angle allows for a little sharper of point!


Insert one of the ends of wire through the stem perpendicularly  near where the flower bud meets the stem.


Then, twist the wire like you would the little wire on a bread bag. Bring the ends of the wire down and around the stem, twisting the wires around each other. This provides a sturdy base for the rest of the stems to be attached to.

arrange-mothers-hb-twisting wire

It also keeps your main flower from falling or tipping to the side. The wire gives you more control over where everything goes and how it “points” (which way the flower faces).

Step Four

Nest the filler around the back of the flower, and don’t be afraid to be tough with the stems. Take the time to look at what you are assembling to make sure you like what you see. Now is the time to play with the ingredients a bit to make sure you like the combinations, lengths, etc. that you are using.

arrange-mothers-final arrangement



When you are in love with your boutonniere, even up the lengths of the stems and the wire by cutting them to no more than 2-3”.


Step Five

Take a 12” length of green floral tape and start wrapping the stems together. Start at the top where the flower meets the stem, stretch the tape, and wrap down at an angle, overlapping as you go.



Floral tape is sticky when you stretch it and this makes it possible for the tape to stick to itself. If you don’t stretch the tape, it will fall off–not good!



Also, be sure to wrap the flowers tightly. If the flowers are wrapped too loose they will fall apart as they start to shrink from moisture loss (they are not watered or sitting in water like other arrangements, plants and bouquets).

Continue to wrap the tape in a twirling motion to about 1″ below where the stems stop.



You have the choice to to finish these off with coordinating ribbons to further compliment the flowers colors, or the colors of your dress. Some of the ones we did used them, some did not. It’s totally up to you!

Step Six

Admire your handiwork! Don’t forget to add a pin to the boutonniere for pinning on your date’s lapel. I store the boutonnieres in the fridge until its “Show Time”. They typically can last for up to 1-2 days in the fridge.





I have these plastic boutonniere containers that I got in a floral supply store, but you can also use a cellophane bag for a more “store bought” look.


Now go out there and make something happen!! Show me your stuff, and share your achievements and challenges. As always, I love the questions, comments and thoughts!

jbryanProm Time is here! — Make your own Boutonniere!