You DID flowers: Wreath-making workshop pt. 3

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Wow, part 3 guys?! You are blowing us away with your amazing wreath making skills! We love seeing all the variations between your wreaths, and how they all manage to compliment the artist who made it. Today, we feature wreaths from two women, Lauren and Anne, who used their wreaths to give to others; one as holiday gifts and the other as eye-candy for her community.

As a young woman, Lauren went along to the Monticello wreath making workshops with her Mom and sister, and mastered the art of wreath-making. Now, as a busy young mom on a budget, she is pulling out all the stops to make great looking, and affordable gifts for her friends. The boxwood comes from her property, and using materials that are found, versus bought makes for, in her words, “a cheap and green gift!” Find out more about Lauren on her new FB page, Vergie’s Wreaths.





Wow! Lauren managed to create 5 completely different looks, even though she used the same 5 forms to begin with! Love how each wreath reflects the person receiving them, and how cheap and easy this holiday gift really is! Thoughtful and talented–thanks for sharing Lauren!

Our next contributor, Anne, took the idea of wreath making and decided to make two–one for her neighborhood and one for her home. We love the end result–classic, modern and statement-making!

wreath for wall


As Anne said, ” I just love doing wreaths.  Here are pictures of two that I did this year.  I did have three helpers on the two huge wreaths we hung on the walls at the entrance of our community!” Way to go Anne!


jbryanYou DID flowers: Wreath-making workshop pt. 3