Incredible Beauty at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

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I feel like I saw something that I might never see again in my life this past weekend. And what made it seem more improbable is that it was just a few minutes off the less than beautiful highway 295 that barrels through Anacostia (a less than sparkly new part of Washington DC). But what I saw was naturally beautiful, and early morning sparkly and new to me. Cheeseball alert, it kind of took my breath away…

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens has been a part of the National Park systems holdings for nearly 100 years. It was created in a 1926 act of Congress to preserve the forests, water quality, and recreation value of the waterways of Washington, DC.

Closed just three days out the year, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens welcomes visitors with blanketed white snow in winter, fresh green sprouts and sounds in spring, to lush green hot summers, and painted fall foliage during fall. Come visit and experience all seasons throughout the year.

Come out and walk the boardwalk for winter birding (see if you can spot the heron in the photos below!). See the park come to life during spring as the sights and sounds wake up and fill the park. Early summer mornings are prime time to see their famous water lilies and large lotus flowers as they take center stage before closing up during the mid-day heat through late June and July. Come during fall and enjoy crisp cool air and splashed water colors as the leaves dance with color. There is an ever changing palette of activities for ALL throughout the year.

So obviously I am writing this in summer, and thus you can conclude we went to see the water lillies and lotus. We went early, heeding the advice that we heard regarding the best viewing opportunities. We were joined by a crowd of others carting gigantic camera lenses and photography gear. I felt inadequate with my humble iPhone, but as you will see,the flowers do the talking here….and man oh man are they spectacular. Oh, and I should add they haven’t been touched by any filters or enhancements. These pictures all have #nofilter.

Click here for more information on visiting the park, and enjoy the pictures!













jbryanIncredible Beauty at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
  • Diane Hobbs

    gorgeous photos! didn’t realize some blooms get so big either. My favorite is the one with the yellow seed-pod forming inside the pink flower.

  • Julie Edwards Bryan

    I know you will love this visit, and will come away with much better pictures than these that I took with my IPhone. 👍