Wedding Flowers Part 1: Ceremony & Wedding Party

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I’m fairly certain that when it comes time to plan your wedding (or help plan the wedding of someone you love), you may be entering uncharted territory with regard to a lot of the elements of planning. I’m not just talking about the reception, but the ceremony and everyone who will be at the ceremony, too.

The number of details surrounding the “I do’s” can multiply quickly and there are endless resources online to help you keep track of all them and suggest things you may have overlooked. But, beyond these reminders and to-do list’s a lot of what you do for your wedding depends on where you will be and your budget. Especially when it comes to flowers.

If you are using a florist, they are an excellent resource to help you along,  but what if budget is a big issue and you are going to give it a go as a DIY bride?

It’s an imprecise science that makes it pretty impossible to be able to generally tell each individual bride exactly how many of these you need, and how many of those you need if you are spending X$, or if money is no object. I really don’t think there is a handbook for that. (If there is, send it our way…pronto!)

You want it to be awesome, and you want there to be enough flowers, so this post is going to be about the places you might want to consider adding or using flowers. Just like I mentioned above, a lot of the numbers (of stems, of cost, of places flowers will be used) can fluctuate depending on the look you’re going for, the budget you have, and the kind of flowers you want to use.

These are wedding flowers beyond the bouquets and boutonnieres. And the bonus is that for DIY brides, a lot of the add-ons can be done with the spare parts from the materials you already intend to purchase for your big day.

Since we have so much ground to cover, I’m going to rely on my trusty Pinterest board to help illustrate the ideas I’ll be mentioning below. Feel free to  visit our wedding board on Pinterest for more ceremony and wedding party flower ideas, and get your creative juices flowing.

Without further ado…


At the ceremony, you will probably want to have flowers in certain places…maybe you’ve dreamed of floating over petals as you walk down the aisle. Or, maybe you want the flowers to add the focus to the front of the room where the nupitals will occur. Heck, maybe you only want them along the front couple rows. Whatever your preference, there are some seriously creative and unique ways to use flowers to add that extra punch of color, drama, beauty…whatever!…to your wedding.

Front of House Flowers

When you walk down the aisle you will generally have to stop somewhere. Whether it’s an altar, chuppa, arch, grotto, tent…whatever you are calling the space where the officiant stands, it is a great spot for added flowers. No matter what “flavor” of florals you choose, adding flowers here can make all the difference in what your ceremony will look like. Here are few great examples:

Down the Aisle Flowers

rose petals on the ground, potted plants, shrubs or trees (A la Kate and Will), I think there are many ways to personalize this. Check these out.


Beyond setting the scene, flowers are also generally given to the mothers, fathers and grandparents. It can be a smaller bouquet or simple corsages and bouts. Again, it’s totally up to you.

The bonus is that a majority of these little additions can be created with the leftover stems from the bouquets and larger arrangements, keeping the cost and level of effort low for such high-value products.

Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets

You have a million choices here, and it seems that there are definite trends (are we over succulents yet?). I am a fan of these right now, and its not hard to make this yourself (with a little practice)…. check out this post where we take you through it step by step.





 Flower Girls

The next consideration is if you have flower girls. I mean…duh, they are FLOWER girls after all, 🙂 These lovely ladies will need flowers, flower petals, maybe even a fun flowered headband to accompany their walk (or toddle or carry) down the aisle.  Here are some cutie pie flower girls carrying wands of flowers that seem kind of great.



Ring Bearers

And who could forget the wee ring bearers? Flowers may not seem a traditional route for these folks, but they could definitely do with some flower-y attention. Or if you don’t want to do flowers, you could try these ideas. There’s something about ring bearers and Lego’s that just seems right…


Groom, Groomsmen & Attendants

Have fun with this! The groom’s and groomsmen’s bouts don’t have to be blah. Make them clever and about the man/men wearing them. Tie elements of whatever the groom loves (craft beer, superheroes, etc.) into the bouts and you won’t get any complaints about having to wear flowers. So much of a wedding is bride focused, this can be a nice spot light for the groom. Here is a link to our post on how to make these yourself.





Mothers, Fathers, & Grandparents

When thinking about what to put together for the parents and grandparents, be sure it isn’t anything too over the top or difficult to wear. Try creating something that could easily attach to their purse, a simple elegant orchid bout, or a understated and easy to wear wristlet. I like these…..



Stay tuned for more from our wedding flowers series…part two is coming to you next week with ideas and pins for the reception, entry halls, bathrooms and more!

jbryanWedding Flowers Part 1: Ceremony & Wedding Party