How We Helped Girl Scouts Earn Their Flower Badges

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On a beautiful afternoon recently, Hannah and I had the great honor of working with a local Girl Scout troop as they worked towards earning their flower badges. The mission for the lesson was to “have fun with flowers”, so we stepped in to help teach our favorite lesson!

Before we got to the troop-leader’s home, we made sure to buy enough flowers for each of the girls to come away with three different flower projects. By the end of the two hours, I think everyone would agree that we had a good time experimenting and finding new ways to have fun with flowers. I was impressed by their eyes, their thoughtfulness, and their creative projects. Take a look!

Individual Ball jar arrangements

Each girl made their own arrangement using the same exact flowers in a Ball jar. Don’t they look great? Each one is unique and the personality of the girls show through.









Mini Corsages

Then we showed them how to make mini corsages for their mom, or a bout for that dance date that is going to come along in a few years.  I love that they all decided they needed to wear them ASAP!

Sharing is Caring

And finally, they made some great arrangements to give away, in the spirit of The Lonely Bouquet.





I think it’s safe to say these young women went above and beyond the requirements to earn their flower badges!

We are always up for teaching a class, as part of a bridal shower, a ladies night out, a book club meeting, team building or just cause, so get in touch if you would like to gather a group for a intro to flower arranging class!

jbryanHow We Helped Girl Scouts Earn Their Flower Badges