Moving Boxes and Housewarming Gifts

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When you’re a twenty-something, there are a lot of things that stay pretty consistent: your job, your friends, your favorite watering holes…the list goes on. But, there’s also one thing that you can count on to change: where and who you live with.

Northern Virginia is a hot spot for young professionals, and while there are endless places to live, everyone is looking for a good deal, a good location and a good roommate. It’s a tough combination to find and more often than not, you have to give up something: convenience, price or company.

I am lucky enough to say that I’ve found more than my fair share of fantastic roommates, awesome apartments and superb locations to live in as I navigate the first couple years post-grad.

I bring all of this up because this weekend marks another time where a loved roomie moves out and a new roommate and friend moves in. It’s a time of change, of a little bit of nerves, a fair amount of sadness for the old friend moving out, and a whole lot of excitement for the new roommate and new fun to be had in the next year.

The main difference for me this year, is that I won’t be moving my things, I’ll be helping everyone else move around while I stay put in the same apartment. My good friend Tiereney is moving out and my good friend Nicole is moving in.

I wanted to do something small for each friend, to say “good-bye (for now) and thanks for all your help and support” and “heyyyyy new roomie,” respectively. Being a part of You Do Flowers, the answer seemed clear.

Instead of opting for fresh cut flowers and an arrangement, I chose to do two small plants. Why? Because when you’re running around checking things off a to-do list and moving all your earthly possessions from one place to another, the last thing you want to worry about is taking care of flowers. Succulents and orchids are two pretty, beautiful, easy options for plants that will last without a ton of effort.

For Tiereney, I went a little more old school with a succulent in a beer mug. It’ll fit with her aesthetic, her dog Sookie won’t eat it, and it’ll stay green with just the slightest bit of attention.


For Nicole, I went vibrant and delicate by choosing a small orchid. Her room will be orange and pink so the bright pop of neon pink will fit perfectly with her decorations and add a little bit of plant life to the mix.IMG_1189

And of course, a bottle of wine is pretty much a given for both. Hopefully when they get their housewarming gifts, it’ll make them feel welcomed and appreciated (because they both are!).

What have you guys done for past roommates or new roommates you’ve lived with? What would you do now, if you needed to?

Hannah BryanMoving Boxes and Housewarming Gifts