How to find complementary floral color combinations

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The other day I wandered into an unfamiliar grocery store to fill a prescription (we’ve all been there, right?) and while killing time waiting for it to be filled, I (of course) gravitated to the flower department. It happens. With me, it always happens.

I was pleasantly surprised by their “deal of the day”: large Ecuadorian roses, for $9.99/dozen. One look at their big, full blooms and I couldn’t just stop at a dozen, especially when the colors were so lovely.

It got me thinking. What are some hints for combining colors together so that they don’t fight with each other? If you aren’t picking a pre-arranged bouquet, it can be really daunting and confusing to try and pick colors that compliment each other. How do you know what will look good together? Is it all a guessing game or are there some tips for figuring out which blooms to pick?

In this instance, I chose these two colors, and as Hannah commented, they reminded her of ballerina colors…..she is right…..they really do:



Each color was super pretty and soft, and they complimented each other, rather than arm wrestling each other for you eye’s attention. I was happily surprised by how nicely these colors went with the painting in the background too!


These choices may have been subconscious, but did you know that there’s a science to color compatibility? There is! I can say confidently, that it’s one of the more important aspects of flower arranging. If you follow the science of the color wheel, you’ll learn that the mood your arrangement strikes is (usually) all about where colors sit on the wheel or spectrum. This arrangement makes me think of gentle, sweet things…it made me sigh a little as it is so innocent, soft, and pretty.






For example, whether you are feeling mellow, or ready to head bang a little, there are color combos that will get you the feel you are looking for. Read all about the science of combining colors and how to use a color wheel, and you will be on your way to mastering the wizardry of color combo’s for floral arranging.


Do you have a favorite combination of colors that you go to? I confess that I am a sucker for any color palette that includes coral. Take that coral and add a dash of lime green and yellow, and I am even happier. Wonder what that says about me?

jbryanHow to find complementary floral color combinations