A simple thank you will do

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This blog is about the flowers–that much is pretty laid out there–and the name of our blog sure seems to drive home that point. We write about a lot of¬†interesting flowers, arranging techniques, clever ways to use flowers , etc.

This week I am going to change it up a bit. Maybe it’s because I am fresh off of a two week vacation, and I am thankful for that mind-clearing opportunity. Maybe it’s just the dates on the calendar telling me that Thanksgiving is near. Maybe it’s just this:


I bought this little container while on vacation and I was drawn to it because it simply says, in plain letters what I often want to say. Merci, or in other words, thank you.

A long standing tradition in my family Thanksgiving’s history is to go around the table and ask each person attending what they are thankful for. It can cause teenagers eyes to roll, it can elicit a tear or two, it can generate a good discussion, but saying out loud what you are thankful for, has never hurt anyone.

So this Thanksgiving, I am going to share my tradition with you, and let you know that I am thankful to you all for your readership, your support, your interactions, and your eyeballs. You keep me on my toes, and I am doing more, and learning more about flowers than I ever thought I could. I hope you are too!

I am also incredibly thankful for the immense talent, and hard work that my favorite partner in crime puts in on behalf of our project. She, and by she I mean Hannah, makes the nuts and bolts, of getting this out to you each week seem effortless. It’s not, and I know it. I am incredibly lucky.

So, have a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy this tiny little flower arrangement where I put my heart on my sleeve. Merci.



P.S. The family is gathering in the Outer Banks this week to revisit an old tradition of being at the beach for Turkey Day. We are going to enjoy each other’s company (and tell each other what we are thankful for) this coming week, which means we will not be posting on Black Friday. See you the week after!

jbryanA simple thank you will do