Wreath time is here

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I spent a beautiful Thanksgiving morning in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s seems strange to think about holiday wreathes at the beach, but I do start to think about wreathes almost as soon as the turkey is carved. There are so many ways to satisfy your wreath needs, from no effort to great effort and everything in between. Let’s talk about them.

The easiest way to wreath-ify your home by far is to buy something. The benefits are you can choose something at any price point, any style from contemporary or colonial, any color palette, you can opt for faux or real–and someone else does the heavy lifting creating the wreath (albeit more than likely made in China 😕). The downside of this approach is, if you have the crafty, flowery gene and want to get your hands dirty, you just don’t get any satisfaction from this approach..

If you are a working person, or a busy person and time is a concern, but you are “jones-ing” to make your own, consider buying a pre-made evergreen or boxwood wreath, (my go-to places are Costco and Trader Joe’s wreath)…and then go to town embellishing! It’s pretty satisfying in terms of time management and an end result.




We’ve found that wreath embellishment as an activity that’s perfect for gathering your people, sipping a beverage, and having some fun. Here are some results from a recent “wreath workshop” we held in Chapel Hill, NC.








If you want to go back to basics, and I am all about that too, I can whole heartedly recommend the wreath workshop at Monticello, which I have attended more times than I can count. Any excuse to drive to Charlottesville! Love that all the materials we use in these wreathes are foraged from Thomas Jefferson’s home and property. Look to our next post where Hannah, a wreath first-timer, dips her toe in the water.

jbryanWreath time is here
  • Kathy Edwards

    I loved this past weekend!! And how great that we had 5 completely different aproaches that all started with the same boxwood wreath! Thanks for joinin’ us down south! Hohoho ya’ll!!!!