Pantone Colors of the Year

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Surprising no one, snow is on our mind this week. As I sit here, about 4″ of fresh pow isĀ settling nicely on the ground with approximately 24-34″ more coming to join it in the next 24 hours. The grocery stores are cleared out, the roads are covered in snow, all offices (and the government) are closed and now everyone can settle in and enjoy–or mutter angrily under their breath about–the snow. Whether you’re snowed in alone or snowed in with family and friends, I’m sure everyone has a game plan of some kind. Board games, puzzles, word puzzles, movie marathons, sleeping, or maybe even working (please…just say no).

For us, it gives us a chance to relax a little and daydream of warmer climes. And with it, brighter blooms and more options. You may or may not have heard about Pantone’s annual announcement for the color of year. If you’ve ever been a yearbook nerd (like me), the announcement is a bit of an event–it dictates a lot of trends that are coming in the next year and it’s always exciting to see what your opinion of the color is.

For example, last year the color was Marsala–a deep red-ish, purple-y color that dominated fashion, furnishings and even flowers:


Don’t believe me? Just take one look at Pinterest results for flowers Marsala, and you’ll see what I mean! Wedding inspiration, floral options, chair decorations, invitations…Marsala had a total takeover last year.



Maybe it’s just because I’ve gotten so used to seeing this shade…well, everywhere, but I really love it. Its a rich, classy and timeless color. I understand why Pantone (and the rest of the world) showed Marsala so much love.

So, when it was time for the Color of the Year: 2016 Edition, I was excited. It HAD to be something better than Marsala, right? RIGHT? Well, sort of. For the first time in the history of announcing these colors, Pantone gave us not one but two colors of the year. The first is called serenity and the other is called rose quartz:151207_EYE_PantoneColorOfTheYear20162.jpg.CROP.original-original

I’m interested to know what your first impressions of these colors are, individually or as a pair. Because my first impression was: meh. It looks like a Barbie dream house color theme from the 80s:


My first impression hasn’t really changed, but, I AM excited to see how people start using this color combo in their lives. Will we see shelves of light pink and blue sweaters come Spring 2016? Will Refinery29 only suggest home decor with hues of rose quartz and serenity blue? I hope not, but I do want to see how the flowers are going to play with these colors. Pinterest, again, gives us a little hint of what may be to come in all the zillions of spring and summer weddings to come:




So, as your settling in for the snowpocalypse and maybe even some thundersnow (!!!), consider how you may include (or avoid) Pantone’s colors of the year into your 2016. Let us know what you think of the colors, below! Please, stay safe and warm everyone!

Hannah BryanPantone Colors of the Year