Book Review: Succulents

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I know it’s almost March, but I just have to say…Santa is always really good to me, but he really outdid himself last year with the amazing haul of GREAT books I received. I’ve used the last couple months to read through and linger over each book–enjoying what they have to share with me and learning as I go. I plan to share them with you over the next little while, since you’ve got to be at least a little bit interested in flowers and growing things if you’re reading this blog 🙂

As you may have guessed, a great many of the books I received were flower-related, and one amusing theme became pretty clear by the second book I opened.


I opened my gift from one sister and immediately saw that the entire gift was succulent-themed: a great book on growing succulents, a generous gift card to a cool place where you can pick and choose the succulents that catch your eye…it was a home-run!!

I gotta say though, it WAS pretty funny to open this thoughtful succulent-themed gift. Why, you ask? Generally speaking, succulents aren’t all that hilarious, but I was tickled because I knew what gift I had purchased for my other sister, and…you guessed it! It was a book on working with succulents! I guess the old saying “great minds think alike” still holds true with me and my sisters 🙂

The place where I get to go explore succulents is called Mountain Crest Gardens, and it looks pretty insane. I’m going to try growing them in a creative way, and have a couple of ideas floating around in my mind. So, sink or swim, You Do Flowers is going along for the ride as we try to figure out what to grow, what to grow the succulents in, and how to let them thrive.

Like a kid in the candy shop I am drooling over my choices, but I needed to select my project before I select my plants, so to the books I go. I dreamt last night about succulents, so this is going to be fun. I think I am going to do a wreath, so ordered this moss wreath form on eBay.

Here are the two books that we exchanged as gifts this Christmas, so if you are into succulents, check them out! Succulent Container Gardens by Debra Lee Baldwin and Succulents Simplified also by the same author.

Bonus points to my succulent-obsessed sister for finding this other resource for succulents. We are going to try it all, and let you know how we fare.

On that note, we will be kicking off a succulent series in the next couple weeks, so be sure to stay tuned!

jbryanBook Review: Succulents