Make it Spring Inside When It’s Cold Outside

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I had a gathering of women over the other night, as is my tradition when Farmer Bryan is out of town for his winter cabin trip, and you don’t need to even ask, it was fun. Something about getting my people together and drinking, eating, laughing and dancing makes February OK for a while longer.

A special treat this year were two of my favorite out-of-towners, and since one of those is my Trader Joe’s connection, I recruited her in my flower decorating and selection efforts. Perusing the buckets, it seemed evident that at least from that perspective, the groundhog is correct, Spring is just around the corner. So that guided my flower choices, my flower arrangements and the direction we took.

Our arrangements included a variety of materials that you can easily avail yourself of right now, and use to your advantage to bring spring in.

My first choice was a big bunch of forsythia branches that were just beginning to bud, and I knew if I stuck them in a bucket of hot water, I could help the blooms along.


I was also inspired to select a handful of potted primrose in a fuchsia and yellow combination, from a page I tore out of a recent Better Homes and Gardens. That page and what I did, did not resemble each other in the slightest, but the inspiration was there just the same.


To round things out I went with a bunch of yellow and a bunch of white…..wait for it…..what else?……. Ranunculus!! and a few bunches of tulips in rich jewel tones of red and purple.


For containers I went with some things I have not used before, or rather in a long while. With the resurgence in popularity of pottery, I decided to throwback to the eighties and unearth some pieces from my collection. I am so glad I hung onto these pieces!


I also used my tried and true small urns for powder room arrangements and a nice rectangular pottery Ikebana container for my sisters charming food table centerpiece.


Enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions about what I did where, please shoot me a note. I am happy to explain!!

jbryanMake it Spring Inside When It’s Cold Outside