A Touch of Good Luck: Flowers for St. Paddy’s Day

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My company’s newsletter went out this week that has fun little tidbits about who has work anniversaries this month, what cool new clients we’ve launched projects with, and unique news stories to share. One reminder made just about everyone cheer–St. Patty’s Day is coming up on March 17! But wait….something was wrong. As our Irish coworker kindly reminded us, it’s St. PADDY’S Day, and not St. Patty’s.

st. paddy

Lesson learned, big time. Feeling inspired by the upcoming festivities, I knew I had a couple ways I could make an arrangement befitting of such a fun holiday…incorporate traditional shamrocks, do something that plays on a “pot of gold” at the end of a rainbow, or something more “American-ized” and subtle, using the holiday colors of green and gold. Since I couldn’t decide and was feeling pumped up for my post, I decided to do all three.

I asked my coworker how to say “flowers for St. Paddy’s Day” in Irish and she kindly translated for me: “bláthanna le haghaidh Lá Fhéile Pádraig.” I started working with my “bláthanna” by heading to Trader Joe’s. Here’s what I ended up with:


Some pale yellow roses, three stems of white hydrangea, and two small bunches of “wildflowers” that juuuust so happened to follow my color scheme. Not pictured above was my simplest “arrangement” (or more accurately, embellishment). Walking into TJ’s, currently you are greeted with an assortment of shamrock plants–small pots for $2.99 and larger pots for $4.99. I snagged the bigger pot and kept going.

The next step on my St. Paddy’s journey was to Michaels. I wanted to get some ribbon, gold coins, a new basket, some Oasis (the floral foam that lets flowers drink water without sitting in a traditional vase), and a treasure chest for my “pot of gold” arrangement. $12 later, and I was ready to get started.


Arrangement One: Easy-Peasy Shamrock Stunner

As mentioned above, I grabbed a larger pot of shamrock at TJ’s and to complete this arrangement, I did almost nothing. I trimmed the liner that came with it, and tied a St. Paddy’s themed ribbon around the top of it. A little spritz of water every couple of days, and there you have it: the easiest, lowest-effort option possible.


Et voila:


Arrangement #2: Quick Boho Basket for the Bathroom

For the second arrangement, I started by lining my basket with plastic wrap, so it would hold the Oasis and be more water-tight. Then, I soaked the Oasis till it sunk to the bottom, added to the basket, and tucked the excess plastic wrap around the edges. It looked like this:


I started with my fullest blooms, the hydrangeas, and placed them in a straight line down the middle of the container. They quickly filled the space, and all that was left to do was fill in with the greens and wildflowers from the other two bunches. In about three minutes of clipping and tucking, the basket went from empty to this:



I think it turned out pretty well! It’s a subtle, spring-y, and sweet nod to the Irish holiday and adds a more country-vibe. It’s not very on the nose, but it’s got staying power thanks to the Oasis and adds a little joy and life to our mostly-white bathroom.

Arrangment Three: Petal-filled Pot of Gold

The last arrangement I did was definitely the most labor intensive, in terms of prepping the container and mechanics. The blooms themselves took almost no time to prep (hint: chop off all but about 1.5″ of the stem!) and stuck easily into the Oasis I had cut.

Step one was painting my treasure chest, that acted as my pot of gold. So it went from this to that:



From there, I let it dry a little (not all the way, because I’m impatient, whoops), and then laid the plastic wrap and oasis in the container, like I had done for arrangement #2:


I wanted to include a video of what it looks like when Oasis is added to water so you know what to expect if you try this out…please ignore the movie playing in the backround….but you’ll see it’s a quick and totally painless process:

Once the Oasis was added to the treasure chest, and the plastic wrap tucked around it, all that was left to do was add the yellow roses a few springs of greens (that came with the roses), and some fun gold coins to add to the festivities, and voila:






If anyone has an at-home bar and is thinking of having a little party to celebrate, this is the perfect smaller arrangement to add a little fun. For example, we added this arrangement to our wine (and other spirits) bar:


How are you celebrating the holiday? Any fun plans or fun arrangements coming of it? Share with us below or post your pics to our Facebook page now!

Hannah BryanA Touch of Good Luck: Flowers for St. Paddy’s Day