Barney, inspiration & amazing tulips

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When I sit down to create a blog post, sometimes I have a post in mind to write about, and equally true is that sometimes I struggle with what to post about and sometimes I wander into the store to buy bread and what I see is the only reason I need to buy flowers and make something from them.

So, thank you husband for being too lazy to go to Trader Joe’s yourself on a Sunday, making me go and enabling me to find these amazing purple and green Parrot tulips, which I am dubbing Barney tulips because they truly are the color of Barney the Purple Dinosaur. No more writers block!


Once I committed to these monsters, I had to select their counterparts and I went with a crisp white snap dragon, lime green hypericum berry and a golden yellow filler flower that together made a nice contrast.




I chose this vase, because I thought the green would be nice with the rich purple.



Starting with a ring of yellow, I reserved a few stems for the finish.


My next ring was the white snaps, and both these and the yellow had a fair amount of height to them. I knew that my crazy tulips did not…..yet. But I was pretty confident that they would do their thing and grow a few inches to get to where I needed them to be.

So I added the purple tulips and arranged them sort of tucked in and not terribly visible, but with anticipation for where they would be when they grew. You can see the difference in their height here when I finished the arrangement:


…and here the next day after they had settled in and grown a bit:


I love this arrangement, but I am stumped by what style it would be considered…it’s not modern, but the tulips are cutting edge. It’s not Colonial Williamsburg, but it almost is…let’s just say it’s something someone would have created during those crazy days of tulip obsession when the bulbs were more valuable than gold. Baroque style might be the ticket.

I can’t resist sharing a few closeups of these tulips, they are just plain cool looking. Enjoy!DSC_0308



jbryanBarney, inspiration & amazing tulips