When succulents meet nature

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My next succulent project I kind of fell into, without really knowing it was going to be a project. And then….suddently, it was!

I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood full of gigantic old trees, and every now and again one of the giants has to come down. It’s always sad, but it’s sometimes necessary for safety. On a walk through the neighborhood, I saw a gigantic pile of recently cut wood, and there were the strangest pieces strewn throughout. Some of them had no centers, which was a good indication of why the tree was taken down. I could have hauled home 3 tons of this wood, but that would not have been a good idea…for my back, for my marriage or for my driveway, so, I settled on a more manageable goal. I went with the classic “pick three pieces you can carry” approach. As soon as I saw this little piece sitting on it’s own, I knew what would become of it: a outdoor succulent planter.DSC_0316

DSC_0315I also lucked into finding this market pack of hens and chicks (a variety of succulents!) at Home Depot. They were selling it along with the ground covers. I don’t think of these as ground cover, but the price was right, so who was I to argue? Into the basket it went, and soon into my log.


So here is what I did:

I had to put something on the bottom of my awesome log to hold the dirt in, and still allow for drainage. My brilliant husband suggested a plastic lid from our massive Tupperware collection, and it worked like a charm. I cut it to size, and stapled it on the bottom, added a little duct tape just because and I was ready to plant.

When you are planting succulents, recommendations usually call for a special kind of potting soil. Since I had some on hand, I obliged and added it to the opening of the wood.


I then separated the hens and chicks into small enough sections that I could tuck them into the cracks and crevices of my wood container. Voila!



Here is my sweet new succulent planter, who will spend its summer sunning on my front stoop. With all this sunning and relaxing, I kinda wish I was a succulent living around my house sometimes. 🙂

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Hannah BryanWhen succulents meet nature