Silver Linings

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51 months of planning.

201 posts published.

107 comments shared.

28,707 users from 146 countries came to visit.

90 subscribers followed along.

74 Pinterest boards cultivated.

700 Facebook posts published.

2,100+ Facebook likes shared.

10 classes and flower parties hosted.

It’s all in the numbers.

What started out as an offer from my tech savvy daughter to help me get writing about my love of flowers, has turned into a true labor of love and an ever-growing online flower family. Writing You Do Flowers has been wonderful 4+ years of teaching, interacting, talking, and discovering how to “do flowers” with all of you. What a treat!

The numbers tell the real story, and show just how many of you secret flower lovers there are out there who enjoy flowers, gardens, arranging, exploring and learning.

If this sounds like a eulogy, it is of sorts, but it’s also a celebration of a whole different kind. You see, the blog, in its present state is ending, and I am moving all of my focus toward publishing the same sort of content to our You Do Flowers Facebook page.

In fact, I started “test-driving” my new approach already this past week. From now on, each week (or two, if I happen to miss one!) I will be posting new content to the YDF Facebook page. I want to keep the community going and keep the conversations flowing, even if the long-form blog posts are being retired. I promise I will be doing all of that.

Why the change? Well that is the exciting part. My sweet, smart, capable, amazing daughter who knows more about web publishing in her pinkie than I ever will, is moving on…to a new job, a new town, a new state, and we could not be more thrilled for her! Here are few words from her:

“Working on You Do Flowers for the past four years with my mom has been a true labor of love. While the idea for the blog began out of my mom’s love for flowers, the blog made me realize my budding (har har) love for flowers, too. A lot changes in 4 years, and thanks to You Do Flowers, I’ve had one thing that keeps me connected to my mom, to her love of flowers, and to my newfound love of all things growing.

It’s been a helluva journey, and while the blog posts on the website may be stopping after this week, please rest assured that my mom will be keeping the flower love alive over on our Facebook page…and don’t be surprised if I pop up or pop in every once in a while to throw my two cents in 🙂 Thanks for all of your eyeballs on what we were doing, creating, and learning…personally, I’m of the opinion that we’re all better off for the time we’ve spent together, amirite? (I’m pretty sure I’m right!)”

As you can tell, Hannah’s got a lot on her plate, and is primed for great things, so we are putting the WordPress version of the blog on the back burner and instead, we’re going to focus on sharing in a way that can be done with a minimum of hand-wringing and tech-heavy phone calls. Just like she’s leaving the Northern Virginia nest, I am leaving the technology nest and giving this a try on my own. Wish us both luck as we branch out, won’t you?

We are excited to try this out, as I think we will be able to deliver more timely, on-point, and trendy information. What is not changing is my desire and ability to share flower information, teach classes, answer questions or share pretty things.

Before we bid adieu to the blog posts, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of our favorite posts, our most popular posts, some of the coolest pictures we were able to share, and more:

Our most popular posts:

  1. How to Fix Drooping Hydrangeas
  2. How to Make a Boutonniere
  3. Conditioning Carnations
  4. Flower Mechanics
  5. Downton Abbey Flowers & Arrangements

Our favorite posts:

  1. Fixing Drooping Hydrangeas (again!)
  2. London Trip Overview
  3. Incredible Beauty at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
  4. Fun, Flowers, and Faux Bridal Showers

Our least favorite posts:

  1. Succulent Wreath – took too long and months later it still looked “blah”
  2. Pantone Color of the Year – mostly because I think the colors are pretty ugly–especially when paired together.

Our favorite pictures:





Ranunculus Arrangement

So, all that being said, please look for our next post on our Facebook page! If you’re not on Facebook yet, this may be  a good reason to sign up!! 😀  Be sure to navigate to our page, You Do Flowers (, and like us!

If you have trouble finding us on Facebook, be sure to email us at In fact, feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or inquiries–we really do love hearing from you! Thank you from the bottom of our flower vases for your generous support over these last few years. I look forward to doing a lot more flowers, and am so happy to keep sharing them with you.

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