Sunflower Arranging: Conquered

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I am pretty sure I have lamented in this blog about how hard it is for me to work with sunflowers. My guess is it’s hard for everyone, unless you you don’t care about anything but the sunflowerness of the arrangement. If that’s the case, then you just plonk the whole lot of them in a bucket, and know that most people will not notice anything more than the flowers. And to be honest, how pretty does a big bunch of sunflowers look? Really pretty!

But I keep coming back to them because, like a Pilates move you may not be able to master, it’s a challenge to make it work, and I am always up to a challenge.

Enter an estate sale find that just yelled to me “sunflower solution!!!”. This tall (11-1/2″) cylindrical (3.5″ diameter) pottery vase has a mid-century look to it. It’s made by Pigeon Forge Pottery,  in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Who knew there was more to that area than Dollywood, but apparently there is! Our win. The vase has a textured, bumpy black and white “volcanic” style glaze. It could work!

I bought two bunches of sunflowers at Trader Joe’s and brought them home, a total of 10 stems. I gave them a fresh cut, let them soak in the water for a bit and then went about trying to tame these flowers.

Unrelated, before now I never realized how good sunflowers smell. These have a lovely flower shop fragrance.

When it comes to sunflowers, I seem to find that the biggest challenges are the stems:they are seriously thick! Since I had ten stems, it took some thinking to find a way to fit all the stems into one vase. I managed to puzzle it out, and focused on making sure that the flowers faces, and curves complimented each other and rested at varying heights. I think I conquered the beast.

Do you have a favorite summer flower that you are challenged to work with?

jbryanSunflower Arranging: Conquered