You’ve got to Move it, Move it.

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So moving is quite an endeavor, and when you own a home and/or have a garden, moving becomes more complicated.

You are moving all your indoor treasures, but you also might be making some decisions about moving outdoor treasures. A vintage, treasured, long living plant is not all that different from Aunt Bessie’s tea cup collection, which you dutifully pack safely and transport to your new home.

The advantage of taking some of your favorite plants is that more than likely you will see them and enjoy them regularly in your yard. Aunt Bessie’s tea cups? Well, if they are anything like a lot of my family treasures, they have never made their way out of the attic.

So how do you go about moving growing things to your new home? You have to start with making some tough decisions. What to take and what to leave…. that include things in the dirt, and your containers as well. Oh, and don’t forget the houseplants!

Start by asking yourself:
·         Does your new place have room for all the things you want to dig up and bring along?
·         Is the sun exposure compatible? Do you have the shade you need or the sun you need?
·         What time of year are you moving?

I found this useful information on moving plants from a website based in Britain, and the common sense information is really no different for moving anywhere.

If you are buying a house in the dormant season its worth asking if you can, if the current owners could share pictures of the yard when its in bloom, so you have an idea what you are getting.

If you find out that your yard is kind of a blank slate, you can rejoice in making it all yours, you can panic and head to the local garden center for some landscape design advice, or you can buy a few bags of bulbs and get them in the dirt before it gets too cold and enjoy your first spring in your new house with some blooming flowers like tulips and daffodils.

Now say you are a brown thumb, apartment dweller and you are moving to a new place where there is finally some good light….. is there a way to make your new place more flower-beautiful? Of course there is!

When you are at Home Depot (and trust me when you are moving, you will be at Home Depot), swing by the indoor plant section and pick yourself out a lovely orchid, with as many closed buds as possible. Closed buds will open, and the blooms last forever!!! Water your orchid by putting three ice cubes in the pot each week.

And when you swing by Ikea (and trust me when you are moving, you will be at Ikea if there is one close by), swing by their indoor plant section and pick up a zz plant. This indestructible plant, is not harmed by negligence…. it needs little light or water, and it survives beautifully. While you are at it, pick yourself up some plain white pots for your new plant purchases, and these items will spiff up any new apartment with almost no effort (or cost!) to you.

And of course, the last but easiest suggestion is to head to the store and when you are getting the bread, milk and TP for your first night in the new place….treat yourself to a big bunch of blooms! After all, you have worked hard to move, you certainly deserve them!

jbryanYou’ve got to Move it, Move it.