When Mini Bouqs Beat Massive Ones

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As a self-proclaimed extrovert, I tend to be drawn towards big, bold, loud, exciting things! There are too few hours in a day for all the things I want to accomplish and too few feet of wall space for all the amazing pieces of art I want to display. Throughout the years, I have usually gone with neon walls, from … Read More

Hannah BryanWhen Mini Bouqs Beat Massive Ones

Bedding Plants Bonanza: Springtime’s Secret Weapon!

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You have seen the signs at your local garden center, in front of the racks and racks of marigolds, pansies, impatiens or some other lovely blooming thing packed cheek to jowl all over the store. They are called bedding plants…..but, bedding plants? Why?! Bedding plants are defined as a plant set into a garden BED, or container, when it is … Read More

jbryanBedding Plants Bonanza: Springtime’s Secret Weapon!

Arranging in Place

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So, hopefully by now, as you’ve been following along with our little blog, you’ve gotten inspired enough to do an arrangement (or seven!) on your own, in your home, office, etc. Now that you’ve gotten the hang of it, you may be wondering how to elevate your arranging skills to the next level, and in this case, the step is a … Read More

jbryanArranging in Place

A Touch of Good Luck: Flowers for St. Paddy’s Day

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My company’s newsletter went out this week that has fun little tidbits about who has work anniversaries this month, what cool new clients we’ve launched projects with, and unique news stories to share. One reminder made just about everyone cheer–St. Patty’s Day is coming up on March 17! But wait….something was wrong. As our Irish coworker kindly reminded us, it’s St. PADDY’S … Read More

Hannah BryanA Touch of Good Luck: Flowers for St. Paddy’s Day

Make it Spring Inside When It’s Cold Outside

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I had a gathering of women over the other night, as is my tradition when Farmer Bryan is out of town for his winter cabin trip, and you don’t need to even ask, it was fun. Something about getting my people together and drinking, eating, laughing and dancing makes February OK for a while longer. A special treat this year … Read More

jbryanMake it Spring Inside When It’s Cold Outside