Match-y Go-ey

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As a kid growing up in a house with three girls and many hand me downs, the struggle was real to look cute on a shoestring. Over time, somehow, the kiss of death comment from my poor Mom who was trying to hold it all together was “It goes!”, when we wanted to know if something we were wearing looked … Read More

jbryanMatch-y Go-ey

Vibing on Valentine’s Day

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Most people feel a certain way about Valentine’s Day and almost no one is in the middle of the spectrum: you either love it or you hate it. Conversation hearts are either revolting or sweet. Red roses incite sighs of adoration or sighs of annoyance. For me? I’m pretty much middle of the road. I will always jump at a … Read More

Hannah BryanVibing on Valentine’s Day

Flower of the Month – Calla Lily

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My first memories of Calla Lilies are linked to an old movie starring Katherine Hepburn, and I can recall my sisters and I repeating her words, in our fake accents, thinking we sounded just like her. “The Calla Lilies are in bloom again…such a strange flower, suitable to any occasion,” she said. She was and still is not wrong. In honor … Read More

jbryanFlower of the Month – Calla Lily

Smellovision: When One Sense Overtakes Another

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It’s no secret that the greatest sensory connection we make with flowers is more often than not, what we see with our eyes, and then the other senses fall into place. Some flowers taste good (no really, they do!–a peppery nasturtium is a nice taste). Some flowers have a unique texture or feel to them, like the papery thin petals of … Read More

jbryanSmellovision: When One Sense Overtakes Another

A simple thank you will do

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This blog is about the flowers–that much is pretty laid out there–and the name of our blog sure seems to drive home that point. We write about a lot of interesting flowers, arranging techniques, clever ways to use flowers , etc. This week I am going to change it up a bit. Maybe it’s because I am fresh off of a … Read More

jbryanA simple thank you will do