Helpful hints: Container considerations

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In the second iteration of this continuing education series,  here are some more helpful hints that will help you along with your flower arranging efforts. It’s been a busy few weeks here in YDF world, and we are hard at work hatching some exciting, fun and (fingers crossed!) successful new plans. Please pardon our shorter than normal post, but don’t … Read More

jbryanHelpful hints: Container considerations

You Do Flowers: One Year Anniversary!

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WOW!! You know what today is, right You Do Flowers community? Today is the ONE-YEAR anniversary of You Do Flowers being live!! In honor of this amazing achievement, we wanted to share a few fun facts and announcements with the most important people to us…Y-O-U! But first, we wanted to say an incredibly sincere thank you from myself and of … Read More

Hannah BryanYou Do Flowers: One Year Anniversary!

Helpful hints: basics of flower arranging

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Every now and then it helps to share some helpful hints that will remind experienced flower people and enlighten novice flower people to this magic that seems to make a difference in extending the blooming power of your flowers. I take everything I read with a dose of salt, and give it a fair trial. Some things work, some things … Read More

jbryanHelpful hints: basics of flower arranging

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…containers, flowers and more!

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Reduce, Reuse, Reclaim, Recycle…. a mantra that has entered my psyche whether its working on this blog, figuring out what to use that we already have around the house, or what we need to part with when organizing our yard sale. Our family makes an effort to be good stewards of the environment, and to that end we pay some … Read More

jbryanReduce, Reuse, Recycle…containers, flowers and more!

You DID Flowers: Reader’s Snapshot – Amaryllis edition!

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This week’s readers snapshot hails from Chapel Hill, NC. I have never in my years of growing amaryllis seen such a bounty of blooms, and all indications are that this bulb has no intention of quitting. Isn’t it amazing? Want to get in on the action? This amaryllis bulb was purchased from John Scheepers. At $10 a bulb, that’s a lot … Read More

jbryanYou DID Flowers: Reader’s Snapshot – Amaryllis edition!