You’ve got to Move it, Move it.

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So moving is quite an endeavor, and when you own a home and/or have a garden, moving becomes more complicated. You are moving all your indoor treasures, but you also might be making some decisions about moving outdoor treasures. A vintage, treasured, long living plant is not all that different from Aunt Bessie’s tea cup collection, which you dutifully pack … Read More

jbryanYou’ve got to Move it, Move it.

Flower of the Month: Hydrangea’s

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My mom has mentioned more than a few times how amazing her home garden is and I’ve watched her as she’s cultivated and added to her stock and it’s nothing short of amazing. From the first day in spring through the depths of winter, there is always something growing, blooming, or showing off in her yard. Since I’ve been “stuck” … Read More

Hannah BryanFlower of the Month: Hydrangea’s

Tired of Killing Your Succulents? Me Too.

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While my mom is an all-around green thumb–she’s mastered orchids, bulbs, annuals, perrenials, cut blooms, wreaths, and just about everything else in the gardening world–I am more of a grey-ish/black thumb. While I can work with cut flowers and arrange potted plants (as long as they don’t come out of the pot!), I have always struggled with keeping other plants … Read More

Hannah BryanTired of Killing Your Succulents? Me Too.

Flower of the Month – Peonies

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Are you surprised by what we picked for this month’s flower? No? Not at all? Yeah, me neither. It wasn’t too difficult to select this month’s flower, seeing as I have so many connections to it. So let’s dive in to….Peonies! I moved into my first “adult” home in the deep winter, when there wasn’t really anything going on in the yard of … Read More

jbryanFlower of the Month – Peonies

When succulents meet nature

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My next succulent project I kind of fell into, without really knowing it was going to be a project. And then….suddently, it was! I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood full of gigantic old trees, and every now and again one of the giants has to come down. It’s always sad, but it’s sometimes necessary for safety. On … Read More

Hannah BryanWhen succulents meet nature