The sweet saturation of succulents

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You may have noticed a trend in the floral focus I’ve had for the past couple months….I have been hinting not-so-subtly about my all-encompassing love for¬†succulents ever since I got great books for Christmas, gave another great book, got a killer gift card, and found a website or two that sells succulents online. And, it seems I am not the … Read More

jbryanThe sweet saturation of succulents

Bedding Plants Bonanza: Springtime’s Secret Weapon!

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You have seen the signs at your local garden center, in front of the racks and racks of marigolds, pansies, impatiens or some other lovely blooming thing packed cheek to jowl all over the store. They are called bedding plants…..but, bedding plants? Why?! Bedding plants are defined as a plant set into a garden BED, or container, when it is … Read More

jbryanBedding Plants Bonanza: Springtime’s Secret Weapon!

Flower of the Month – Blooming Branches

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Alrighty then! March’s weather tagline is often “in like a lion, out like a lamb” as it aptly represents the shifting seasons and the wide variety of weather we usually get during the month. This year however, Mother Nature has flipped the saying on it’s head…we started the month off with a few gorgeous 80 degree days and balmy spring … Read More

jbryanFlower of the Month – Blooming Branches

Orange Crush: When Pumpkins Take Over

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If you’re a living, breathing human in the United States, you’ve undoubtedly been pummeled by pumpkin-flavored everything–and we’re barely two¬†weeks into September. Temps are still in the high 80s, people! From pumpkin beer, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin placemats, pumpkin candles…everywhere you look, pumpkins have found their way into our hearts and homes. It goes without saying the culprit for this pumpkin … Read More

jbryanOrange Crush: When Pumpkins Take Over

Buying Local – Choose Local Flower Farms for Your Wedding Blooms

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We have all heard about–and embraced to our individual abilities–the concept of buying local when it comes to things like eggs, milk, beef, produce and fruit. It’s easier for some than others and is really dependent upon the robustness of your local growing community. Seasonality also makes a huge difference in terms of what is available and how. Farmer B … Read More

jbryanBuying Local – Choose Local Flower Farms for Your Wedding Blooms