You’ve got to Move it, Move it.

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So moving is quite an endeavor, and when you own a home and/or have a garden, moving becomes more complicated. You are moving all your indoor treasures, but you also might be making some decisions about moving outdoor treasures. A vintage, treasured, long living plant is not all that different from Aunt Bessie’s tea cup collection, which you dutifully pack … Read More

jbryanYou’ve got to Move it, Move it.

Sunflower Arranging: Conquered

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I am pretty sure I have lamented in this blog about how hard it is for me to work with sunflowers. My guess is it’s hard for everyone, unless you you don’t care about anything but the sunflowerness of the arrangement. If that’s the case, then you just plonk the whole lot of them in a bucket, and know that most people … Read More

jbryanSunflower Arranging: Conquered

Blooms for a Blind-Taste Test

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It isn’t every day that we have an occasion to gather good friends, eat amazing food and drink fabulous wine. While we all wish it were an everyday occurrence, more realistically we may be able to pull it off every couple of months. After visiting my aunt and uncle down in Chapel Hill, NC, I was feeling the need to … Read More

Hannah BryanBlooms for a Blind-Taste Test

When succulents meet nature

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My next succulent project I kind of fell into, without really knowing it was going to be a project. And then….suddently, it was! I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood full of gigantic old trees, and every now and again one of the giants has to come down. It’s always sad, but it’s sometimes necessary for safety. On … Read More

Hannah BryanWhen succulents meet nature

The sweet saturation of succulents

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You may have noticed a trend in the floral focus I’ve had for the past couple months….I have been hinting not-so-subtly about my all-encompassing love for succulents ever since I got great books for Christmas, gave another great book, got a killer gift card, and found a website or two that sells succulents online. And, it seems I am not the … Read More

jbryanThe sweet saturation of succulents