The benefits of pruning

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My exercise regimen consists of walking and talking around the neighborhood several times a week. My walking partner Laurie and I both agree that the physical and mental benefits of this effort are irreplaceable. Today I learned of another benefit! There is this fabulous pussy willow tree along one of our routes and we were admiring it last week. So … Read More

jbryanThe benefits of pruning

Sticks and stones…

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If someone asked you to describe what makes up a beautiful floral arrangement in your mind, what are the chances that the first words out of your mouth would be sticks and stones? Pretty unlikely, right? But hold on a second! I think today’s blog post, may just change your mind about sticks and stones, especially as they pertain to … Read More

jbryanSticks and stones…

A break from the basics…and seed starting sprouts!

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Breathe in really deep…hold it…aaaand let it out! We’re taking a little break from the “basics” and “definition” posts for something a little more fun and a little less dry (literally!). I am soooo excited y’all! My Coleus seeds finally sprouted! See how cool? Always makes me giddy when I see the first little green leaves pop up! So, it … Read More

jbryanA break from the basics…and seed starting sprouts!

Frustration (already!) with seed starting

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Frustration! Or maybe its just impatience. It’s been a few days since the seed starting experiment began and to my disappointment, the seeds haven’t popped up yet. Someone keeps turning off the light (ahem, family, ahem) that I have turned on to encourage them to grow! Energy watchers in my house beware, if I catch you touching that light switch, … Read More

jbryanFrustration (already!) with seed starting

Our newest experiment with seed starting

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It’s getting towards the end of February, and many florists are breathing a sigh of relief that the big floral, or as I snarkily call it, the big “Hallmark” holiday has passed and even the Groundhog is thinking about spring. Spring equals flowers and planting my garden, and figuring out what I am going to get and where I am … Read More

jbryanOur newest experiment with seed starting