Wreath time is here

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I spent a beautiful Thanksgiving morning in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s seems strange to think about holiday wreathes at the beach, but I do start to think about wreathes almost as soon as the turkey is carved. There are so many ways to satisfy your wreath needs, from no effort to great effort and everything in between. Let’s … Read More

jbryanWreath time is here

Too cute to NOT use as a vase!

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What is it about the shape of a vase that emulates a fat bottomed squash, and me? I gravitate toward them in any form, from glass, to ceramic and today toward the actual thing. I had never seen butternut squash this small, and at the bargain price of under a dollar a piece, I thought it’s worth it to try … Read More

jbryanToo cute to NOT use as a vase!

New home, new blooms

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When you’re in your twenties, there are bound to be a few firsts in the decade: first job, first promotion, first apartment, first…pest problem? Well, I can say I’ve successfully I’ve crossed all four items off my 20’s checklist. That’s right, my cute little first apartment that I lovingly filled with the “perfect” dishes and “best on a budget” design … Read More

jbryanNew home, new blooms

A Skewered Arrangement

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For the most part, floral arrangements contain well, flowers, right? “Duhhhh” you’re probably thinking. But, there are times of the year, and changes in season, when adding more than flowers to your arrangement can be a nice touch. Now, when I say more than flowers, I am still referring to natural materials…just more non-traditional natural things like mini pumpkins or … Read More

jbryanA Skewered Arrangement

NEW CLASS: Flower Power 101 – An Introduction to Flower Arranging

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Everyone loves flowers–it’s a fact of life! There’s something about blooms, their bright colors and unique shapes that draw the eye and bring happiness wherever they go. Here at You Do Flowers, we realize the power blooms can have and what they add to a home. The last thing we want is for anyone to feel like flowers are “out of reach” … Read More

jbryanNEW CLASS: Flower Power 101 – An Introduction to Flower Arranging