The Chelsea Flower Show 2016: Trip Report

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I feel so darn lucky. I just got back from my bucket list trip to the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show, and it lived up to the hype. What an incredible experience for someone who is “into” flowers the way I am! The fact that this show has been going on for so many years has influenced so much of what … Read More

jbryanThe Chelsea Flower Show 2016: Trip Report

Tired of Killing Your Succulents? Me Too.

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While my mom is an all-around green thumb–she’s mastered orchids, bulbs, annuals, perrenials, cut blooms, wreaths, and just about everything else in the gardening world–I am more of a grey-ish/black thumb. While I can work with cut flowers and arrange potted plants (as long as they don’t come out of the pot!), I have always struggled with keeping other plants … Read More

Hannah BryanTired of Killing Your Succulents? Me Too.

Book Review: Succulents

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I know it’s almost March, but I just have to say…Santa is always really good to me, but he really outdid himself last year with the amazing haul of GREAT books I received. I’ve used the last couple months to read through and linger over each book–enjoying what they have to share with me and learning as I go. I plan to … Read More

jbryanBook Review: Succulents

Flower of the Month – Calla Lily

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My first memories of Calla Lilies are linked to an old movie starring Katherine Hepburn, and I can recall my sisters and I repeating her words, in our fake accents, thinking we sounded just like her. “The Calla Lilies are in bloom again…such a strange flower, suitable to any occasion,” she said. She was and still is not wrong. In honor … Read More

jbryanFlower of the Month – Calla Lily

Mastering the Art of Wreath Making at Monticello

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For as long as I can remember, my mom has gone to Monticello to make a Christmas wreath for our home. It’s her chance to get out of the house, get creative and come up with something new. Wreath making is also the unofficial sign that Christmas is coming in our household. I’ve always admired the wreaths she has come home with–they … Read More

Hannah BryanMastering the Art of Wreath Making at Monticello