You Do Flowers: One Year Anniversary!

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WOW!! You know what today is, right You Do Flowers community? Today is the ONE-YEAR anniversary of You Do Flowers being live!! In honor of this amazing achievement, we wanted to share a few fun facts and announcements with the most important people to us…Y-O-U! But first, we wanted to say an incredibly sincere thank you from myself and of … Read More

Hannah BryanYou Do Flowers: One Year Anniversary!

Guest Blogger: The Orchid Whisperer

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This week, my guest blogger is my mother, Elsa, or “The Orchid Whisperer”, as she is fondly known by some. Her home has long been the repository for many seemingly dead or dying orchids for a little stint in Elsa’s orchid “rehab.” She looks after them, does her magic, and is able to consistently return the perfectly healthy and alive … Read More

jbryanGuest Blogger: The Orchid Whisperer

How to decorate with indoor plants

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January is dreary, no argument, and with polar vortex kind of cold, and lots of rain, at least here in Virginia, it feels like the dreary quotient has risen exponentially. We are stuck inside for great parts of our days, and everyone needs some cheering up (or one of those mood boosting sun lamps). Flowers are always a cheerful thing … Read More

jbryanHow to decorate with indoor plants

Happy New Years from You Do Flowers!

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Happy New Years! 2014 is sure to be busy and exciting and full of flowers! Just a quick note from us to say “Thank YOU!” for reading following, adventuring, practicing, participating and motivating us to keep going. We have lots more planned for the coming weeks,  and we so appreciate your interest! We also want to hear from you about … Read More

jbryanHappy New Years from You Do Flowers!

Post from Paradise – Vacation flowers

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If we are lucky, we get chances to go on vacation every now and then. A stay in a cabin on a lake, a road trip north toward Maine and beyond, a once in a lifetime trip to Provence to celebrate an important anniversary, or simply a working vacation in an exotic location. These are among the many ways people … Read More

jbryanPost from Paradise – Vacation flowers