Flower of the Month: Hydrangea’s

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My mom has mentioned more than a few times how amazing her home garden is and I’ve watched her as she’s cultivated and added to her stock and it’s nothing short of amazing. From the first day in spring through the depths of winter, there is always something growing, blooming, or showing off in her yard. Since I’ve been “stuck” … Read More

Hannah BryanFlower of the Month: Hydrangea’s

Flower of the Month – Peonies

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Are you surprised by what we picked for this month’s flower? No? Not at all? Yeah, me neither. It wasn’t too difficult to select this month’s flower, seeing as I have so many connections to it. So let’s dive in to….Peonies! I moved into my first “adult” home in the deep winter, when there wasn’t really anything going on in the yard of … Read More

jbryanFlower of the Month – Peonies

Flower of the Month – Ranunculus

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So we were brainstorming ideas for this next year of blog posts (52 unique ideas?! No problem, ‘mon), and I had a stroke of lazy genius. Why not write a focus post on one specific flower per month? Our motivation is to get folks familiar with arranging materials other than the standard (and lovely) roses, sunflowers, and tulips and encourage a … Read More

jbryanFlower of the Month – Ranunculus