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  • elsa edwards

    Like you, I feel the tug of Spring and growing things even though the skies are grey and temps are low. Surely the time is right for making cuttings of geraniums that I have wintered over for several seasons…I brought them with me when we moved from NC and hope to have them with me for a long time.

    I chose healthy stems and stripped off the lower leaves and let them lay on the counter for two days. After that, I dipped them into a rooting compound and stuck them well down into soil in a large pot and watered it well. Next, I took a cleaners bag, tied a knot in the top, and draped it over a pole in the dirt making sure it covered the edge of the pot.

    Voila! Instant greenhouse! Now all it takes is time. Try this with your favorite plants –it is almost always a no-brainer!

    • jbryan

      Thanks for sharing this fantastic insider information, Elsa! Spring is always an exciting time of the year for a gardener and I am crossing my fingers this cold snap passes as quick as possible…I want to get my hands dirty!

      And THANK YOU for directions on how to re-root the geraniums…I sense a new project in my future! 🙂