Does size matter (when you are buying roses)?

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I was perusing web the other day, and I am naturally drawn to “entertainment news.”  I’m also glued to People Magazine every time I go to the beauty salon…. got a problem with that? 🙂 My wandering eye caught up with the news that it was Oprah’s birthday. She tweeted a picture of the biggest roses I have ever seen … Read More

jbryanDoes size matter (when you are buying roses)?

Compote, it’s not just for nuts and candy anymore!

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The definition of compote is a dish that is on a long stem and used for holding fruits, candy or nuts. The compote used in this week’s floral arrangement is so big that I am changing the definition to include flowers. This is a gorgeous compote made by the Indiana Glass Co. from the 1950-1980’s. It measures about 7 1/2″ … Read More

jbryanCompote, it’s not just for nuts and candy anymore!

Drooping Hydrangea & How To Fix It

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“My floral problem involves hydrangeas. Whenever I purchase hydrangeas for arrangements I’m guaranteed that two out of three stems will be droopy in less than 24 hours. Short of bringing a bucket of water to the store is there anything I can do to prevent this or is it caused by my decidedly UN-green thumbs!” This great question came in … Read More

jbryanDrooping Hydrangea & How To Fix It

Easter flowers get conditioned at the National Cathedral

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Easter flowers at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC is a big deal, and it is so incredibly beautiful once it is all decorated with the pastel colors of the flowers we work with! The huge teams of volunteers start next week, and I could not be more thrilled to be working with my team doing the Easter flowers on … Read More

jbryanEaster flowers get conditioned at the National Cathedral

Free flowers?!

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Last spring, my sister called me up and told me that she needed a great looking flower arrangement for an uber-important meeting with an uber-well-known person in the world of crafts. It had to be at her office the next day. She asked me if I would do it, and I asked her what her budget was. There was a long … Read More

jbryanFree flowers?!