Welcome to the You Do Flower’s Tool Kit page! Here’s where we tell you a little more about what you’ll be getting when you buy a Took Kit from You Do Flowers, and why we chose each product.


Items included (clockwise from left):

  1. Waterproof Oasis floral tape
  2. Small carrying bag
  3. Floral shears
  4. Floral elastics
  5. Floral wire
  6. Stem wrap

All of these items will live in your burlap carrying case, making it easy and convenient to bring your floral tool kit with you always.


Yup, all those things are really in there!


Now, for more information about each of the items and why we decided it was important you have them to start on your flower arranging journey:

Why create a tool kit at all?

It’s a rare class that we teach where I don’t answer questions about my favorite tools of the trade. I definitely have opinions, and decided to put my opinions to work for the benefit of those most interested in floral arranging by creating a tool kit of my “go-to” tools for purchase. We spent considerable time thinking through what we use the most, what’s hardest to find in the craft stores, and what can turn the corner for a beginner.

1. Floral Shears

Without a doubt the top tool in my draw is the tool I choose to cut with: floral shears. They’ve got to be be sturdy, sharp, and easy to clean. A fresh cut is the best thing you can do to a stem to ensure longevity. So, for our Tool Kit, I chose a nice pair of flower shears by Henckels to include in the kit. I like their easy-to-grip handles, their sharp stainless steel blade, and their ability to cut more than a dainty stem.

2. Waterproof Oasis floral tape

For this kit, we have included a 60-yard roll of clear 1/4″ water resistant tape. This is best used for gridding off vases. It’s amazing what you can do with a grid. The tape sticks to glass, plastic and ceramics, it’s clear so no one can see it, and it’s a must-have for beginners.  Talk about confidence booster.

3. Stem wrap

Add to that a roll of stem wrap, a not sticky tape that has magical skills that allow it to stick to itself when stretched ( how does that happen?) in olive green, and you have the instant ability to make corsages and bouttonierre’s, work with succulents and to add length to short stems.

4. Floral wire

The paddle wire is the heart of any wreath making effort, as well as a useful tool for attaching pine cones, ribbons, succulents or other googaws to wreathes, garlands, or arrangements.

Floral tape and wire are both “mechanics” that you will use as you dig deeper into arranging flowers. Both of them will help you get the stems to sit or lean “just-so”. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping gravity keeps them in place, these near-invisible, and flexible tools will let you take matters into your own hands and get it done just the way you want.

5. Floral elastics

Last but surely not least are the green floral elastic which are what hold hand tied bouquets together underneath that pretty ribbon or lace.

How much will this set me back?

The tool kits, a $30 retail value, are offered for sale at all flower classes that we teach. They come in a handy, burlap carrying case and as an added incentive, if you buy a tool kit the night of your class, then we will discount the kit by $5. And, if you’ve read anything on this blog, you know that $5 can go a very long way towards your first solo floral arrangement (hellooooo Trader Joe’s!).

Why do I need this?

Floral tools and supplies that you will use with regularity are hard to find, so the convenience of having your kit containing these “go-to” resources will be a great way for you to jump start your practice after taking a flower lesson. Your tool kit will pay for itself after the second arrangement you create yourself at home.

jbryanYDF Tool Kit